New York portrait photographer

New York portrait photographer shooting street portraits in Manhattan & Queens

Living your life in New York, you knew your life would be different. So why should your portrait photographs be the same studio shots you could have had anywhere else? There are no studio shoots here. Welcome to Shots of Daylight.

I am Ben Lunsford, a New York portrait photographer focused on the art and science of modern portraiture. In the distant past, posing for a portrait meant sitting in a painter's studio for days in a row while trying to remain perfectly still. In more recent times, it has meant going to a photographer's studio in either a generic pose or a more artistic one. But I'm here to say that modern portraiture should be shot outdoors. And ours is the only one in which the vast majority of people walk, bike, and take the subway to work. So I'd like to capture you out and about, living the life you love.

My Daylight reserved shoot is just sixty-six dollars. Overnight processing is available, as are gigantic 19" x 13" prints. Looking to spend a little more? My mark of photographic luxury, the Four Seasons plan, is five hundred dollars; the completely unthinkable Four Hundred Seasons plan is ten thousand dollars.

I make portraits for clients all across Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, including the iconic locations of SoHo, West Village, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and the New York Public Library in Manhattan; tech-savvy DUMBO in Brooklyn; as well as artsy Long Island City, eclectic Jackson Heights, and peaceful Forest Hills in Queens. Each of these places has a special vibe and vibrancy that is quintessentially New York in the 21st century.

I call these portraits "live portraits" because they are forged from an environment where lighting, hair, makeup, etc., cannot be fully controlled. With natural lighting and minimal retouching, the results are very real and authentic. Yet I use advanced photographic methods and technology to such a point that one won't be able to re-create the aesthetic with a phone camera anytime soon. I hope you enjoy the results.

So please enjoy your stay here, and take in a little of the imagery. Making gorgeous portrait photography on the streets of New York is what I live for, and I hope you'll take some of it in. Whether or not you reserve a shoot today, consider bookmarking so that you can come back. And if you like my work you can also follow me on Facebook. Please select "Get Notifications" to see one new photograph every other week.

Thank you for your support!